Women are free

Change of thinking towards women.

I always feel that women are not less than anyone and these days things have changed a lot towards equality which is a very positive sense of thinking of everyone.

If we keep motivating women in every field I don’t think that day will be far when 100% women will be free from the back stepping.Even in this modern world few areas are not accepting the fact of giving space to the women and allow them to live their life according to them.

We can see the differences in urban areas or as we say in metro cities people are accepting women in every field but few with conservative thinking are still in that state of neglecting the women’s talent and give them their way to live.

I think people need to learn about giving the same place and same respect to women as they have always proved themselves in every field they are involved and given all their lives to that particular work which they are indulged in.

Accepting this fact will change the world in a positive way.I don’t want to take the name of those famous women celebrities or politicians because I know you all will agree with this that they are not less than anyone in any filed ..

Even we should try to always keep our arms open for the woman who want to do something for herself,if we start giving them the equal chances and positions,I don’t think we will lack any talent and hidden which we are not aware of.As talent can come from any person in any way we just need to give our hand in support to that person.

In conclusion I think even in this century women are still not free to make their own choices to live.So ladies always fight for your freedom and don’t allow anyone to let you down and take you granted.

We as women have no negative feelings for men, it’s just we want our own place in this world too….Just as you always do keep giving us challenges so we can prove our self and lead the world in our way.

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